Lower Back Pain

The back and other soft tissue are two prime examples of hard working non-lammable tissue that can often cause lower back pain as well. Unfortunately, some people choose to let this condition go untreated, and may eventually develop serious problems as a result. For example, a bulging disc in the neck can put pressure on surrounding nerves, causing chronic pain that can eventually need surgery. In other cases, severe spinal misalignment can lead to painful intervertebral discs, which can also lead to chronic pain problems. Thus, tightness and sharp back pain resulting from spinal misalignment is not always easily relieved by massage alone, which is why seeing a chiropractor really is important.

In addition to soft tissues, chiropractors commonly treat injured or problematic spinal joints, especially those in the lumbar region. The spine, which includes the vertebrae, the spinal column, the ribs on either side, and various joints at the very base of the spine, works together to help maintain proper body alignment and provide structure. Injuries, strains, and other issues that affect this intricate network of connective tissue can result in a variety of spinal problems, including chronic pain in the lower back, and even arthritis and other joints that can cause difficulty walking. In fact, the most common complaints of chiropractic patients are back pain, jaw pain, and neck pain. Chiropractic treatment is most effective for treating conditions affecting the spine itself, such as bulging discs, herniated discs, or sprains; and conditions that affect hard tissue, such as arthritis or muscle aches. These conditions are typically easy to identify on routine visits, so it’s important to see a chiropractor if you experience chronic back or neck pain that doesn’t seem to improve with medication.

Chiropractors offer a variety of other services, including sports chiropractic care, which is designed to help alleviate any injuries that might be contributing to a lower back pain problem. Some chiropractors even specialize in arthritis and related issues, because so many people suffer from pain in these areas that there is a great need for treatment. Some other examples include digestive disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome and IBS, as well as nervous system disorders, including the more general category of stress-related illnesses. Whatever the specific condition, chiropractic care can be very helpful to relieve back and neck pain, and many people report great results when they choose this alternative health approach over more traditional methods.