Dr. Carlos Rodriguez, D.C.

Dr. Carlos Rodriguez, D.C.

(Owner) Doctor of Chiropractic

Finding the Root Cause for Optimal Spinal Health

Dr. Rodriguez brings a unique blend of military service, biological background, and over 20 years of chiropractic experience to his patients. Driven by a passion for uncovering the root cause of pain and dysfunction, he has helped countless individuals achieve optimal spinal health and improved well-being.

From Battlefield to Healing Field:

After serving in the Army, Dr. Rodriguez pursued his biological curiosity, earning a Bachelor’s degree from Cal State Northridge. He then dedicated himself to chiropractic medicine, graduating from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 2000.

Building a Legacy of Care:

Since opening his first practice in Santa Monica in 2002, Dr. Rodriguez has expanded his reach, establishing multiple clinics to serve a wider community. His patient-centered approach focuses on understanding the individual’s story and tailoring a treatment plan that addresses the source of their discomfort.



Doctor of Chiropractic

Cleveland Chiropractic College


Bachelor of Arts in Biology

California State University, Northridge

Beyond Adjustments:

Dr. Rodriguez utilizes a diverse toolkit that goes beyond traditional chiropractic adjustments. He incorporates physiotherapy rehab, decompression techniques, and flexion & distraction for a holistic approach to spinal health.

Ready to Help You Feel Your Best

Dr. Rodriguez is passionate about empowering his patients to take an active role in their health. If you’re seeking a chiropractor who listens, investigates, and tailors treatment to your unique needs, schedule an appointment and experience the difference.