Oscar Torres

Oscar Torres

Chiropractic Assistant

Oscar Torres, a distinguished alumnus of Cal State LA, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, with a concentration in Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Exercise, obtained in 2021. He is currently advancing his expertise in the health sciences sector by pursuing a Doctor of Chiropractic degree at the prestigious Southern California University of Health Sciences, where he is in the fifth term of a ten-term program. With an anticipated graduation in December 2025, Oscar is on track to further enrich his profound commitment to patient care and wellness.


Professionally, Oscar has been contributing to the field as a chiropractic assistant and medical biller at Prodigy Chiro Care since September 2021. In this role, he has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to enhancing patient experiences and outcomes, embodying a holistic approach to health and wellness that extends beyond traditional practices.



Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology


Doctor of Chiropractic

Southern California University of Health Sciences

Beyond Adjustments:

Beyond his professional endeavors, Oscar is passionate about personal wellness and community engagement. He cherishes quality time with his German shepherd, Cozmo, explores new flavors and experiences at coffee shops, and remains an avid supporter of sporting events, underscoring his holistic approach to life and well-being.

Ready to Help You Feel Your Best

Oscar’s blend of academic rigor, professional dedication, and personal interests showcases a well-rounded individual committed to excellence and innovation in the field of health sciences.