Herniated Discs

If you have recently suffered an injury to your back or your own issues with pain and dysfunction, it may be time to seek chiropractic treatment. If there has been poor posture in sitting and standing for long periods of time, the natural tendency is to rest your body. This relaxation does not allow the discs to fully heal which, in turn, weakens them and causes problems such as chronic back pain and even herniated discs. Chiropractors specialize in the manipulation of spinal nerves and their positioning, and they are trained to know which movements will relax and restore optimal motion.

A chiropractor’s first test when diagnosing herniated disc symptoms is to take an x-ray of the lower back. If a bulging disc is identified, the chiropractor will perform a series of tests to determine its location. With the exception of the inner 2 vertebrae of the spine the outer wall, the nucleus, and the cartilage are found here. The outer layer is called the outer wall and is made up of connective tissue, while the inner layer is composed mainly of fluid. The cause of a herniated disc may also be due to the weakness or tightness of the inner layer and the resulting scar tissue and herniations that result.

When the extent of pain and dysfunction has been diagnosed, you and your chiropractor will need to decide on which course of action will be most effective. There are different treatment options including exercise, surgery, or physical therapy. Your chiropractor will do a thorough physical examination first to rule out any other possible injuries or illnesses that may have caused your symptoms. If the initial tests have come up negative he will likely recommend that you see a podiatrist for a more thorough exam. Your chiropractor may even advise you to have surgery if the herniated disc is in fact a herniated spinal column.

Herniated discs can cause debilitating pain and affect your daily activities. If you’re experiencing back or leg pain due to a suspected herniated disc and live in Santa Monica, you’re not alone. At Prodigy Chiro Care, our experienced chiropractors understand the complexities of herniated discs and offer personalized treatment plans to address your specific needs and promote healing.



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